Digital imaging features

Integration with proprietary file formats

Direct integration with slide scanners

Storage in open file formats
-No vendor lock-in, get your data back out anytime

Data management features


Access control with private,

unlisted, and public sharing


-No installation

-View your data anywhere you log in

Viewer Features

Collaborative lead / follow viewing

Annotation features:

Slide atlas currently has three annotation tools available: text, circle and free form. Text has a fixed screen size and has multiple visibility modes. The hover mode is used for interactive quizzing during instruction. It initially only shows the anchor arrow. Text is displayed when the associated arrow is selected. Circle and free-form annotations scale with the image and are used to manually segment and markup slide images. Automatic segmentation and analysis are coming in the near future. All annotation in slide-atlas can be modified interactively. Also, new interactive styles can be added to customize the user interface for specific workflows.

Dual comparison view:

It is very useful to compare slides side-by-side for differential analysis. The slide-atlas viewer is currently supports showing two slides at the same time. This can be set up ahead of time with annotation, or during interactive viewing.

3D stack views:

Slide sets often consist of serial sectioned tissue. Multiple sections allow comparison of various stains and evaluation of 3d structure tumor margins. Slide-altas has a stack viewer which implements fast sequential loading of slides and synchronized viewing of adjacent sections.